Towing Your Vehicle
If your vehicle is not drivable (i.e. leaking fluids, body parts rubbing tires) and the police have not called a tow truck, we can arrange one for you. Please let us know where your vehicle is located and NCRC will schedule a pick-up with one of several local towing companies.

What are your hours and do I need an appointment for an estimate?
Our hours are Monday thru Friday from 7:30am to 5:00pm. You do not need an appointment to receive an estimate. Please come by at your convenience. Closed all major holidays.

Is there a cost to have an estimate performed?
NCRC does not charge for estimates. We will provide you with a thoroughly written, free estimate.

Why are your prices sometimes higher?
A lower estimate may not include all necessary work or parts. You may ask for a line by line comparison if you aren't sure why one estimate is different from another. NCRC tries to write a complete preliminary estimate but occasionally we will find hidden damage once we do a tear down of the vehicle. Any price differences will be discussed with you and your insurance company.

Can I take my vehicle to any shop?
You, as the consumer, have the right to choose where you want to have your vehicle repaired. You do not have to obtain more than one estimate or appraisal for vehicle repair.

When can I drop off my car for repairs?
We like to set an appointment for dropping your vehicle off so that we minimize the time your vehicle is in our shop. We do have an after hours drop for those who are unable to make it during regular business hours. Please call us at (615) 776-8766 for an appointment.

Payment Policies
Full payment is required when picking up your vehicle. If insurance is involved, please bring the insurance check and deductible (if applicable) with you. Acceptable forms of payment are cash, personal check, properly endorsed checks, Visa, MasterCard and Discover.

What are betterment charges?
Parts that wear out and need replacement with time and use (i.e. tires, batteries and suspension) are subject to betterment charges are pro-rated based on actual mileage on your vehicle.

Can I wash and wax my vehicle?
Hand washing with mild car wash solution is recommended. Wash with a soft cloth or sponge in a shaded area. If that isn't possible, use a brushless, pressure washing car wash. Don't wax or polish your vehicle in the first 90 days. Avoid drying your vehicle with a dry cloth to prevent scratching the finish. Avoid all chemical spills, such as oil, antifreeze or coolant, on finish. Avoid scraping ice or snow from the freshly painted area. Remove tree sap and bird droppings as soon as possible.